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It is so cool! RT Book Reviews is giving away an e-copy of CIRCLE OF DESIRE along with several others. All you have to do is comment for a chance to win!

Visiting Codi Gary’s Blog with a Giveaway

Today, i’m over at Avon Impulse author Codi Gary’s blog talking about a lot of things. She had some new and unique to me questions. Plus I’ve giving away all three books. If you have a friend that doesn’t have them and you won’t share, (I rarely do as I don’t break the spine on paper books), then send them over too.

Click here and I’ll see you there!


Danger cover2I can’t believe I keep forgetting to mention on my blog that CIRCLE OF DANGER won the 2013 Booksellers’ Best Award for Erotic Romance!

While I was in Atlanta a couple weeks ago, I was invited to attend a private reception with the Greater Detroit Romance Writers. You probably remember CIRCLE OF DANGER and CIRCLE OF DECEPTION were finalists in their contest. So exciting!

Anyway, I was sitting there waiting to hear who won as I looked around for the NYT best selling author who would surely be standing up in any minute, when someone said, “Carla, your book won!” The only part I heard was “CIRCLE OF DANGER.”

I believed I squealed and I never squeal. I hugged my agent twice before I walked to the front. Then I said, “I always worried if I won something I would be like Jeff Gordon when he won his first championship and cry so hard that no one would ever understand what I was saying.” Everyone laughed (thank goodness), and then I said, “Thank you so much,” and sat down. I was still in shock.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe my books are good enough to win any contest, but I don’t expect it. Don’t think I’m saying they’re perfect, no, they’re not. But I do believe they’re just as entertaining as any NYT best selling one.


No matter how I say it, it sounds conceited, and goodness, I’m not. It’s just I write books I love to read. Isn’t that what every author should do?

Oh, here’s a picture of the award!  Love it! Beautiful!  Thank you, GDRWA and the booksellers who read my book!

IMG_0435Oh, and my editor received a really nice pen. On the side of the pen, it read something like, “I’m an editor of a Booksellers’ Best Award author.” I thought it was cool.

Coming August 1, 2013

From January to July of this year, I’ve concentrated on posting on Facebook and Twitter. It just isn’t making me happy. Too many fly by night comments from people who have no interest in my books. So I decided to come back to my blog.

So be on the lookout for random posts here starting August 1, 2013. I feel as if I’m free.

See you then.

Happy July the 4th! Independence Day!

I love reading about history, and when it came to romances, I use to read mostly Medieval and Western romances.  Since most historical romances nowadays are set in the Regency Period, I find myself reading romantic comedies and occasionally paranormal romances.  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s strange that I rarely read romantic suspense. It’s because I’m not much for reading about serial killers or police procedural types and those appear to be the favorites published.  This is also the reason I write the type of RS I prefer. Strong men and women trying to make the world a better place on their own terms.

Anyway, I got off track from what I was going to tell you. On the Romance Magician’s blog, I’ve posted a series of ‘history tidbits’ that I use to publish in my writers’ group’s newsletter.  Check this out.  You might find them interesting.

Don’t eat too many hot dogs today!