Let’s Talk About Sex

What? Are you feeling uncomfortable? Worried about what an erotic romantic suspense author is about to say?

If you said yes, then you need to click elsewhere. I’m rather blunt about it as I truthfully and freely admit, I love sex. To me, all aspects of sex is a way to celebrate life. It makes my hubby happy, and it makes me happy.

Some of the best things about the modern age are birth control pills, condoms, vasectomies and tubectomies (tied tubes). The last two (done correctly) frees up the adults 100% to have sex without fear of pregnancies. Of course, there is the problem of STDs, but that’s why romances are so wonderful. They’re usually two people who are committed to each other and they don’t mind getting a test done to prove they’re okay.

Ha!  Sure there are those erotic romances with multiple partners, but you will notice that once they have their certain someone (in most of the ones I’ve read, the female), they keep the circle small. Well, as small as the author wants the romance circle to be in the story.

I’m always surprised when someone gets uptight about my reading material or song choices. Yes. I love what people call naughty songs, such as Rude Boy, Sex on Fire, Animals (and several others from Nickelback) and many more.

Don’t get me wrong. I can talk all day long to customers, family, associates and never bring up the subject of sex or refer to a naughty thought. There’s a time/place.

In this case, this is my blog and I do write what I consider hot romance. Not erotica (love to read it, but don’t write it). So I felt I need to warn you these subjects will come up. This blog is usually PG-13, and doesn’t need the extra permission. I know how to phrase things. 😉

Then again, if you come back to visit me and the extra button (confirming your age) pops up, then you know I decided to be even more blunt. If that happens, Katie bar the door as you’ll be blushing for sure when you read my blog.

You’ve been warned.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex

  1. Jacqui! You got me laughing so hard people are popping up from their cubes here. I never thought about all of that. I guess I thought I would lay back and let them go at it. LOL! Sleep is overrated. *wicked grin*


    1. *snicker*

      Did you hear about this? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/20/indiana-library-erotic-novel_n_3785391.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular

      It’s about how a 9 yr old boy mistakenly took out an erotic romance novel from the library (he thought it was a cheat book on video games) and now his grandmother wants that and other erotic books banned from the library *rolls eyes*. What gets me is that most video games are violent–lots of shooting and killing or stealing etc., and apparently that’s okay but sex is not? Sheesh.


      1. I’m just curious who allowed him to check it out. 1) Children under 12 are not allowed in libraries by themselves. 2) The librarian assistant (or what she/he is called) are to see if they are age appropriate before stamping them (or whatever they do nowadays).

        At book signings (especially those that have a high attendance of teens), I have young teenagers ask me about my books and I tell them to come back when they’re 18. Personally, I believe 16 and older can read them, but that’s because when I was that age, I was reading SWEET SAVAGE LOVE and all the hot ones from back in the day. I sure don’t want a parent to come after me.

        Funny thing about sex and violence, I would let my kids watch movies with violence but rarely anything that got steamy. After the violent scene, we would pause the movie and talk about how they made it look gory with special effects. And how if it happened in real life, the hero wouldn’t be still walking. It kept bad dreams away.

        But yeah, it’s ironic.


  2. I enjoy having discussions about sex. Those that know me know that I can be pretty frank about things, almost borderline TMI lol. To me to enjoy sex one has to be open, both emotionally and physically.

    When my guy and I first started talking about getting together I was pretty straightforward with him about not wanting kids at my age (something about being 60 something with an 18 yr old . Shudder. LOL!) and his response was, ‘don’t worry about kids, I’ve been fixed!’ Talk about relief! Talk about having not to use condoms…talk about joy! Tee Hee! *of course only do this if you’re in a committed relationship :)*

    For us, sex is an integral, vital part of our relationship. Being in love and being able to show it physically is probably one of the most amazing things ever. While sex without love can be pleasurable, it pales in comparison to how it is when it’s based on love. At least it is to me.

    As for reading? I prefer my romances on the hot/scorching side. (Hence why I read you! 😀 ) I like having the proverbial bedroom door wide open. Although I have to say, what stops me in my tracks is trying to follow along if an author confuses me with different, sometimes impossible positions! I’m like, ‘uh how is he sucking on her nipple if he’s taking her from behind’? or ‘Looks like this guy must have 3 hands..’ LOL!

    Great blog, Carla! 🙂


    1. Jacqui, see, that’s what mature adults do. Talk. Bravo! I can tell you that the older you get, the better it gets.

      Oh, yeah, the proverbial third arm. I’ve read those before and always thought, “He only wishes!”

      LOL! And thanks for the plug about my books. You’re a sweetheart to say that.

      If there is ever a third arm in one of my books, it will be on another guy with a fourth (two for him, just to make it clear). HA! Two guys and a girl. One of my favorite story lines, just haven’t written one yet.


      1. Oh I know the older you are the better it is. I’m older than I look ;), but heck I’m looking forward to even better as I age (so what if I can barely survive the good it is now? Hee hee!)

        Yes I love reading about ménage (get writing on that, will ya? 😉 ) as well as bdsm, it certainly fires up the imagination! However I could never have a ménage in RL because well, it’s really not my thing and my slight ADD would most likely explode! Who attends to who? Does one person watch? What if I get tired and they haven’t gotten off yet? Yeah the anxiety level would stress me out and I’d not be in the mood for sex! LMAO!

        Oh man, the things my guy could do if he had four arms? 😀 😀 Then again, maybe that’s a good thing cause I like to sleep every once in a while too! *snicker*


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