OMG! Watch Too Much TV or What?

When I was younger (note the "er" - HA!), we use to have only one season of new TV shows. Nowadays, with so many channels and original programming available, we have a lot to choose from. At the same time, you'll start watching a show and before you know it, it's cancelled or the end [...]


STARTS November 25, 2013! Southern Magic brings its readers a special treat for the holidays; 34 awesome romance books by many of its talented authors. Swoon, daydream and faint reading some of the best romance around from New Adult to Historical to Erotica. There's a little bit for everyone. One lucky winner will be selected at random. Each author [...]

Eight Answers to Crazy Car Questions

Here are some answers to the crazy questions people have asked me over the years about cars and driving.  1) If your garage or carport is filled with junk and you park your car in the weather and never wax it, yes, your paint job will fade away and show the metal underneath. 2) If [...]


I love writing stories about misconceptions. You know where the hero appears to be a bad guy (and may be one) and he has a problem trusting that there are good people in the world. So cynical. And the woman is good, but people say ugly things about her and how her family is trash, [...]

They Kissed as He . . .

The last few years I've seen a trend for the hero to be six foot five and taller. Yes, I know that my hero, Rex, whose story is in CIRCLE OF DECEPTION, is six foot five and even a secondary character, Liam, is six foot six. But for me those are exceptions in my manuscripts. [...]

Woo-hoo! Here I Am!

Lately, I've been thinking about that episode in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV) where a girl has been ignored by everyone especially her classmates to the point she disappeared. That's how I feel recently. I can't tell you how many times I've waved my hand (almost figuratively) and been looked over. As a writer, I [...]

Who Can Forget SPIKE?

I came across this today and whoever did it, did an excellent job. Plus after reading so many Jeaniene Frost books this year, I'm reminded where she got the idea for Bones. Love it!  Enjoy!