What Can You Learn?

MH900442424One of the many lessons I’ve learned writing over the years is that you have to keep an open mind. There is so much to learn, and sometimes the smallest things will turn on the little light bulb above your head.

For me, I wanted to improve on sexual tension. (And I’m still working on it.) Sexual tension is a large part of what makes romance books wonderful to read. I’m not talking about the sexual tension of the couple bouncing the balls in bed, but what if sex isn’t part of the story? For example an inspirational romance where the couple may kiss but nothing more. I’ve read some inspirational novels with great tension. Shocked? Don’t be. I read a large variety of romance. Or if you’re shocked that inspirational novels have great sexual tension, then you’re reading the wrong ones.

So in this case, it is more like the promise of sex tension. Or maybe it should be called attraction tension. Yeah.

Isn’t that one of the great things about first falling in love? Where the attraction is strong you know it will lead to something more, but for whatever reason you can’t go that extra step and see/feel each other naked. That kind of tension.

Yes. I know my heroes and heroines have no problem doing the deed without blinking an eye, but I want that tension in every moment they’re together, even after they do the mambo between the sheets. I’m a firm believer that a romance novel isn’t over after the first love scene. That’s when the tension heightens. Hey, they know the score and they want more. But there is a time and place to make love, and when those times aren’t available, the couple should be aware of each other and what they want to repeat.

When other authors do this, I know it makes me read faster. Not only do I want them to stop the killer (or werewolf or duke’s spy . . .), I want to see how much deeper they fall in love (it is a romance) as they’re swapping saliva and other interesting fluids. LOL!

I’m working hard to keep this post PG-13. One day, I may have to switch the blog over to 18 and over. Then Katie bar the door, my four-letter self will go wild.