Expectations In Romance

As anyone who reads romance knows, there is always a happy ending. The heroes or heroines never die, and they never break up. Sure, they may never marry, but as a reader you know they will be together forever. But I've noticed over the last several years there are other trends in particular of romance. [...]

All Paths Lead to Books

I usually avoid talking about the day job except for the occasional remarks about working overtime and it kicking my butt. But today I’m in the mood to talk in general about it. A few years ago, I started the current job after an old one sold out and moved away. Freaking stressful. See, I’ve [...]

Strangers In The Night

If you had the chance to be in the car alone for about twenty or thirty minutes with one of your all-time favorite authors, who would it be? I had that opportunity in 2009. My writers group has a romance readers luncheon every first Saturday in November. That year it was Anne Stuart. Oh, my [...]

Avon Imprints

Hey, I came across this page on HarperCollins website -- yeah, yeah, I was Googling myself again. Whenever I'm procrastinating, I do that. Anyway, check it out. I'm so proud and tickled they mentioned me - twice. I really love Avon and hope to have more books published by them in the future. The webpage [...]