My Thoughts on Wendy’s Book

When I was on vacation in Alaska, I received a sweet email from my former editor at HarperCollins.  Back in 2011, Wendy Lee had offered me my first (and the second one too) contract with Avon, and we stayed in touch after she left. In the email, she wanted to check on my mailing address [...]

Visiting Another Blog Today

I'm over at Romance Magicians' blog today! Romance Magicians: A Hero's and Heroine's Top Five Traits...: Carla's busy for the next couple of weeks. So she wanted my help in writing her post, and I told her I would on one condition, that s...

Romance Novels and Women’s Expectations

Men worry about romance novels giving women too high of expectations.  Of course, Playboy magazine never did that for men (sarcastic font used here with extra large boobies and tiny ass). I believe that romance novels save a lot more marriages. You ask how? Women learn . . . How to give better blow jobs [...]


YAY!  I received some wonderful news today.  CIRCLE OF DECEPTION is a finalist in the Georgia Romance Writers' Maggies!  This is a lovely big contest. Sure. Not as big as the Ritas (those are like Romance Writers of America's Oscars). They're more like the Golden Globes of romance.  LOL! That's four for DECEPTION. (2013 GDRW's [...]

Out of the Blue

I think it’s cool that BLUE is such a versatile word.  You can say you’re feeling BLUE. Cheer up!Or that you’re watching a BLUE film. Naughty, naughty.That he came out of the BLUE or something kicked it into the BLUE.It’s not my favorite color, but I just think it’s neat being a color and having [...]