Love Hearing Another Woman’s Opinion

Maybe I’m still a teenager at heart, but I love coming across an article talking about sexSurprised Woman positions and it not being porn. This simple article talks about having the woman on top. Good advice in my opinion.

The best part about the article is that the guy’s hot. How often in pictures with articles or commercials on TV, the woman is cute and the dude looks like Woody Allen? No matter how many women he’s slept with, no one can call him sexy or handsome without lying or/and being related to him.

So check this out.


Thanksgiving FeastWith the holidays coming up, I have a dread of all the food. Yep. You read that right. If you know me, you know that rarely turn down a meal. But when the holidays come up, I have a problem with seeing so much food. It’s like mental overload. I’ll fix a plate but nothing will taste good. Maybe deep inside I can’t make up my mind, so my taste buds shut down.

Weird, isn’t it? If it only would do that all the time. Well, at least until I dropped several (a lot) pounds.

I do know I hate eating at buffets or at big functions where the food has been sitting out long enough to become room temperature. Hate that. Yuck! Plus I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen kids play in the food. *shiver*