Three Types of Alphas

Over the years, I've heard debates on the plus and minuses of Alpha and beta heroes. Personally, I prefer Alpha heroes, and strangely, as unchanging Alphas appear to be, they have been changing with the times. Maybe it has to do with women liberation and the younger generation. Geez, that last part makes me sound so [...]


Word is out Katerina Savalas has found a map that leads to a long-lost Union shipment of gold. She can’t take the chance of someone breaking into her home again. So she decides to hire a washed-up Circle operative to protect her home. Jack Drago wants to be left alone in his drunken misery. When [...]

How to please every reader

Yep. I tricked you. It's on the Romance Magicians' blog. HA! And you're right. You have to click here again to read the post. It's my monthly journey to the dark side . . . to my Romance Writers of America chapter's blog.  *smirk* I'll be back in next few days when the urge hits [...]

Good Bye Bitter Sweet and Hello Brightness

Earlier this week, I wrote a long post about the last year and what I have to look forward to and then yesterday morning I deleted it. It was way too sad and wordy. So the short version is this. 2014 had a lot of good moments to celebrate while darkened by one bad event. [...]