Good Bye Bitter Sweet and Hello Brightness

MP900309665Earlier this week, I wrote a long post about the last year and what I have to look forward to and then yesterday morning I deleted it. It was way too sad and wordy. So the short version is this.

2014 had a lot of good moments to celebrate while darkened by one bad event.

At the end of August last year, I lost my biggest cheerleader. My dad. He died unexpectedly. One important thing was he knew I was in the middle of working with a new editor toward a new contract with a new publishing house, and my writing career was looking up. He was very happy for me. Being a voracious reader, he was as excited as I was about me being published and continuing to be so.MP900309596

So in October, I received a two-book contract from a wonderful editor at Penguin/Random House’s Loveswept line. Yay! And then a couple months later, I signed with Prospect Agency. Love my new agent!

I’m starting off 2015 the right way. All fresh and new. I have to pinch myself on occasion. Other times, I freak out and worry that I have lost my mind. Who am I kidding? I can’t write!

Well, this is where I dig in my heels and prove I can do anything, if I want it bad enough. Nothing will stop me but me. And I won’t let that happen. Heck, my daughters and writing family won’t let me. I’m so grateful for them all.

Watch out!  I’M BAAAACK!