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Dwayne JohnsonThe other day, my oldest daughter was saying how she loved seeing what people imagine certain book heroes look like. So I thought I would share what I think Jack in CIRCLE OF DEFIANCE looks like. A combination of the two fellows in the top two pictures. Jack keeps his head shaved (his story will reveal why he does it), has piercings, tattoos, and isn’t classically vinsidehandsome though women would call him good-looking in that manly way. He’s a lady’s man. So he loves women. Not for just sex. He actually has a female best friend. Though his younger brother, Rex, hates him, he will do anything to keep him happy. Jack even tricked Rex into marrying the woman his brother had loved for years. Because of the decisions Jack has made, he’s a lonely, lonely man. Thankfully, Katerina comes along and cheers him up.  LOL! If you could call fearing for his life as cheering up. Don’t forget CIRCLE OF DEFIANCE is on sale now at Amazon!  Plus Amazon has CIRCLE OF DESIRE and CIRCLE OF DANGER on sale for $1.99.  Not sure how long that will last. For those who have been following my blog, I’ve mentioned a couple times I’m working on a new series. This hero let’s his hair grow, unlike Jack, and wears it in a hairstyle that has become popular again.  It was the thing to wear in the 1930s to 1940s. I wasn’t alive then, but I’ve seen the movies (reruns 100 times over) from back in the day. I so hope fedoras come back in style too. Here are a couple pictures of the hairstyle I’m talking about. So sexy if done right. Plus the new hero leaves some scruff on his face. haircut brad haircut hero By the way, CONGRATULATIONS to Melissa Ruiz!  She won the 2nd set of books, bag, Hello Kitty, $10 Amazon Gift Card and tee shirt!  Melissa, be sure to answer my email.  Thank you!

[Update:  Melissa is excited to have won.  Her package is being mailed out Saturday.  Congrats again!]

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Jack stepped out of his Silverado and hesitated near the truck’s front end, keeping the thick engine block between him, the house, and anyone who might shoot. Besides, he wasn’t sure what mood Kat would be in.

The place appeared to be deserted. Not that anything looked different from last evening. Early morning sun reflected off the windows and exposed peeling paint beneath the eaves. The overgrown bushes near the long porch needed to go. Too easy for someone to hide behind and attack when entering the front door.

No birds chirped nearby. Something didn’t feel right. Kat wasn’t inside the house. A heavy sensation ran down his spine. Who was watching?

He stepped back and opened the crew door on his truck and pulled out a sawed-off shotgun. In the South, it was the weapon of choice against thieves and burglars. Using rock salt, the spray would cover anyone heading his way, and he didn’t worry about his aim, or killing anyone. Rather ironic considering the field of work he’d been in so long, but he was tired of people dying around him.

Valentine’s Day with Jack and Katerina & First Winner

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00009]Let’s peek in and see what my hero and heroine from CIRCLE OF DEFIANCE had planned for Valentine’s Day.

Katerina’s eyes narrowed. “Are you saying you want me to go with you to the tattoo parlor? So on the most romantic day of the year, I’m to sit there and watch some woman work on you? Been there. Done that. And burned the shirt.”

“Now, baby, didn’t I fix the top shelf for your dolls?” Jack crossed his arms as he towered over her, flashing a big grin.

“They’re Hello Kitties.” She looked away and said in a amused tone, “Thank you. I really loved the perch for Kinky too. She acts as if they’re her family. They do look like her.”

“If I catch you putting clothes on her, I’ll –”

Laughing, she shook her head.  “I wouldn’t dare. Don’t worry. And I’m not going with you.”

“Damn it, woman. You ruined my surprise. Lucy said she could do a Hello Kitty.”  He pulled her into his arms.

Katerina slipped a hand beneath his shirt. “Not sure a Hello Kitty would look so good next to the angel of death.” Her hand rubbed over his large tattoo.

Jack lifted her. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He whispered, “The tattoo is for you.”

Her heart stopped. She didn’t have anything against tattoos, she loved his. But needles always scared her.

“Will you hold my hand?”

“You betcha.” He snuggled her neck. “Happy Valentine’s Day, sugar.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you, love.”30afdd49d785ee61c19a9e1b330646fd


The winner of the first bag of books, shirt, Amazon gift card and Hello Kitty is Jenn McElroy!!!  Congrats!  I will be emailing her tonight.


[update: Jenn answered her email and the package will be placed in the mail this week!  Congrats again to Jenn.  Two more prizes to go.]

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