Getting Advice From Strange Places

This may sound strange but I rarely ask for advice. I might ask for advice on good restaurants or shoe stores. but little else. Why do I rarely ask? Because too often when I have in the past and followed it, I’ve regretted it. This makes me madder at myself than the other person. But I’ve learned that most people do not know anymore than I do.

Recently, I heard the best advice on how to deal with ignorant and purposely cruel people (E.g., reviews, not necessarily my own), and I want to share this advice with you.


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Time to Dance

My latest book!  Release date is February 16, 2016.  Isn’t it sexy? This is the first book from the Brothers of Mayhem series. Expect three more!  Yep. THREE! That makes four books in the series.

Hidden Heat_SwaffordHere’s the unedited blurb for Hidden Heat.
Cassidy Ryder thinks nothing of wielding a bat against anyone who threatens her brother. The only problem is the teenager has disappeared while hanging around the Brothers of Mayhem Motorcycle Club, and their wall of menacing silence is driving her crazy.

Growing up in the middle of the MC has taught Cassidy to never fall for a biker. So when the newest Mayhem member, Thorn Savalas, plays white knight to her damsel in distress, she fights the attraction. But her big mouth has gotten her into deep trouble, and the only way for Thorn to protect Cassidy is to claim her as his old lady. Thorn’s aware of the fine line between pretending and what’s real, and his plan backfires when the MC’s president forces them to prove it by having sex.

As they become closer, Cassidy pieces together clues that point to Thorn working undercover. She offers to be his informant. He accepts, telling himself it has nothing to do with her tight jeans and sassy walk. And no matter how often she tells herself it is all an act with hot benefits, she still falls for the bad boy cop. Yet, she knows when he takes down the MC, he will disappear, leaving her behind, unloved and alone.

And chances are good that I’m getting another contract for THREE other books from a new series called the Wicked Dog Bail Bonds and Investigation. Oh, goodness, bad ass Bounty Hunters!

More Pictures From NYC Trip

Shelf in wall at Madame X’s going up steps to Lady Jane’s Salon
Picture at Madame X’s going up steps to Lady Jane’s Salon
Crowd at Lady Jane’s Salon
One of several seating areas for Lady Jane’s Salon
Lady Jane’s Salon
Lady Jane’s Salon
Lady Jane’s Salon – The MC
Another picture from the hotel. I couldn’t get over the crowds and the number of taxis.
Stage set up with big pool for dogs to jump in. Might have been something to do with Good Morning America (building on left)
Betty, me and Victoria – I look like I’m up to no good. Well, yeah.
If my feet wasn’t hurting, I would’ve walked across the street and gotten a better picture. Love horses. And cops.
Beautiful at night, heh?
So many lights on.
My buddy, Heather, giving a workshop. She actually made law interesting.
Me with my 2015 RWA PRO Mentor award. So awesome!
Almost looks like a painting.
The ball at top is the one they drop on New Years.
Yes. Another picture of Times Square. It was amazingly crowded.
Times Square – buses, taxis and so many tourists!
Random House’s cocktail party – view from window.
Random House’s cocktail party – Some famous names on those books.
Random House – more books on shelves both sides. I didn’t stop to look.
Purse I bought in NYC. Love it!
Loved the little Minion show/ad in Times Square.
There were a few naked women hanging around (pun intended). The men would pay to get their picture taken with them. One way to make a living.
The lights fascinated me.
And the crowds drove me nuts.
See the M&M character? He was HUGE!
Don’t know what the ad was, but it was so romantic, I had to take a picture.
Yes. More of the same, sorta.
Look close and you can see more naked girls. They had barely there bottoms and no tops. They have red, white and blue feathers on their heads. Just painted breasts.
My chocolate RITA (Everyone got one at the award ceremony. It tasted like Easter Bunny.)
I couldn’t resist and got Meda to take this picture while in our cab. HELLO KITTY! GIANT HELLO KITTY that is.