You Are Important For Real

So you never thought to do this, but I bet someone you know has thought about it or has tempted it or done it. So please copy and paste on your social media, everywhere.

Did you know that if you text 741741 when you are feeling depressed or suicidal, a crisis worker will text you back immediately and continue to text with you? Many people, especially younger folks, do not like talking on the phone and would be more comfortable texting. It’s a free service to ANYONE!

This text crisis line works in all states in the continental United States.

Or if you do want to talk with a human, call 800-273-8255.

So good to know for yourself, loved ones, coworkers, etc.!!! Asking for help is so brave and so worth it ❤️


If you are elsewhere, please insert your country’s phone numbers and website.

Want more info, check out the website:

And yes, suicide is on the rise in the USA.

Click here to see how it affected me.