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Sense of Humor

You and I know that a sense of humor is subjective. What I think is funny (love pratfalls), you might not necessarily believe the same.  Okay, here’s a commercial I came across the other day. Blew my mind! I laughed so hard, I had to share. LOL!

Hey, their publicity department is a genius. It’s so provocative that women have to be talking about it. Like me. HA!!

Another funny part is that I’m re-reading a Linda Howard book and the hero’s name is Sam.  ROTFL!  I wouldn’t mind that Sam in my pants. (Just kidding, hubby. But can I call you Sam? You can call me Angelina.)



Writing With Tequila

Margarita on Flag of MexicoHow often have you heard that writers are crazy? Often, right?

Just think, every writer lives in her head easily 90% of the time. She makes up worlds that she tries to control, at least in the beginning. Then the characters take over. They may not do what we want most of the time, but like in my case, being a romance writer, they always come around to my way of thinking. You know, that LOVE can help any person get through the rough times and appreciate the good times.

Then when a writer deals with the outside world, there are so much she can’t control (reviewers, editors, agents, sales, family, etc.) and that can drive a normal person to drink, no less an oversensitive person (most writers).

I’ve been writing for years, and I can tell you the thought of downing a bottle of tequila sounds ideal most days. Yeah. I can understand why Stephen King was an alcoholic for years.

Don’t worry about me. I’m a sober writer though certainly loony. You can only imagine how nuts I would be drunk. Then again, I love everyone when I’m drunk. But we won’t go there.

Finding Romance In Strange Places

tumblr_myfffeXLM61srko8to1_r1_500I get so tickled when I’m watching a TV show or movie and realize parts of it have many of the same elements of the books I read (romance). Especially if the show is written by a male.

Yes. I’m a bit of a female chauvinist. Sure males can write romance, but you have to remember for centuries when they did they almost always killed off one or more of the protagonists in the end, e.g., Romeo & Juliet.

Anyway, I was watching a movie that I had never expected to see romance in it. Plus it had a wonderful lesson to share. The movie? Don Jon. Yes. You read that right. The movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt — oh, my he has grown up. He plays a young fellow who learns there’s more to fucking than the physical act.

See, Jon likes to hang with his boys, takes good care of his car, home and body, and is a player. But he loves porn more than anything. To him, porn sex is more real and satisfying than the genuine thing.

Now for the spoilers. But first, if you’re thinking of watching the movie and you should, you might want to come back and read this later or you can read on and see if you agree with what I say here.

It’s not the great movie of the decade, but it’s entertaining, and did I mention Joseph Gordon-Levitt has grown up?  Yum!download

At first I thought, oh, no, it’s going to be about sex and not good sex, and it won’t make any sense, and I will be pissed when the credits roll in. But as the movie went along, you can see there is so much going on. He’s open to change. Maybe inside he realizes he’s not happy with his life.

About halfway through the movie, he loses his girlfriend because he lies to her about watching porn. But it is an older woman who teaches him the best lessons.

One, that porn is not real. They’re actors. All this time, he’d been looking for a woman who would act like them. He wanted all the pleasure but wasn’t willing to do the same for his partner. The older woman asked him, had he ever jerked off without watching porn? He hadn’t. That gets him to thinking. So he stops watching it. Suddenly, he has more time to do other things. He calms down and starts to enjoy life more.

And then the woman tells him one really big truth. For him to enjoy sex, he needs to make love to his partner, he needs to lose himself in her.

Though the movie doesn’t end with him confessing everlasting love to the older woman, he understands by making sure his partner is enjoying sex, his pleasure will be so much more satisfying. In turn, his partner will lose herself in him. That good sex is a shared experience. Just as much as a mental thing as it is physical.

I was totally surprised by the message of the movie. A total unlikely premise saying what so many romance novels tell us.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt wrote the screenplay. The fellow does have layers. Talented.

If you decide to watch it, don’t go in expecting anything. Just sit back and be entertained. It’s funny in some parts. Tony Danza (Who’s The Boss) plays his dad and is a hoot. His mom is played by Glenne Headly (I remember her from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, but others may from Monk). But as you can imagine, you certainly shouldn’t have children in the room while you watch it. And there’s a lot more to it than what I mentioned here.

Expectations In Romance

?????????????????????????????????????????????????As anyone who reads romance knows, there is always a happy ending. The heroes or heroines never die, and they never break up. Sure, they may never marry, but as a reader you know they will be together forever.

But I’ve noticed over the last several years there are other trends in particular of romance.

Back in the seventies through the nineties, the couple would wait until three quarters of the way through the book before having sex. Of course, there were exceptions, but then they often didn’t do it again until toward the end when all misunderstandings were cleared up.

Then in the new millennium, they started having sex in the middle of the book. GASP! I remember I could open some books directly in the middle, and there would be the love scene. It was so funny, not the love scene, usually pretty hot, but that I could find it so easily.

Even now I can read a mainstream (traditionally published) romance, and it will go like this: sexual tension, kissing, petting, almost a home-run but there’s an interruption by an external force or by a realization (She’s a virgin! She’s my brother’s fiancée! He’s the wrong brother! He’s a rake!) and maybe happens more than once. Eeek! So again, it would take until halfway through the book to have sex.

I so hate that. Sure they can’t go like bunnies all the time in a romantic suspense, (otherwise, that would be erotica), they do need to run and worry about something other than the hero being able to get it up. The horror! So with their clothes on, most of the time – I’ve been known for making my heroes go without – they need to have other types of action happening around them and to them.

There are other trends that I’ve seen romance writers do. Heroines are wetting their underwear/thongs a lot. Surprised the girl doesn’t have an infection. Heroes have that bead of moisture on the end of their penises. Not every man has that happen, every time. Then again, I haven’t been with every man.

I know why these trends happen. One writer will read another writer’s book who mentioned a bodily function or reaction the other hadn’t thought of before. So in her next book, she mentions it and then the race is on! Everyone is wetting panties and having beads everywhere.

So writers. If you read it in one, two, or three books, does it make it true or necessary? Please make your book’s a little different. Mix it up. Think about your own experiences and expand.

And if you’re a virgin and writing about women who have a great sex life, kudos to you! You’ve got a great imagination, but you might be surprised that it is a whole lot different than you believe. Actually, usually a whole lot better, though a lot messier. And a woman doesn’t multi-climax every single time.

If you do, you’re unique and I hate you.  (HA!)

Of course, it is fiction that we write.

Avon Imprints

Hey, I came across this page on HarperCollins website — yeah, yeah, I was Googling myself again. Whenever I’m procrastinating, I do that.

Anyway, check it out. I’m so proud and tickled they mentioned me – twice. I really love Avon and hope to have more books published by them in the future.

Avon corporate website

Avon Red Corporate

The webpage has all of the imprints published under the HarperCollins corporate umbrella.  To look at the whole page with all the imprints, click here.

Taking Control Of Your TBR Pile

Take Control of Your TBR Pile 2014
The Caffeinated Book Reviewer has a neat idea, and I thought you might be interested in it. Everyone knows how I feel about TBR piles. If not, you can read my post, just click here. Otherwise, get your act together. Be sure to click on the picture and go to her blog. Certainly a worthwhile cause, and you might win something.  Happy reading.

Change Is Good?

MM900043729How often are we told that change is good? If you work in the nine to five world, you’ve heard it so often enough you want to scream. Especially when they decide to change for change sake, right?

Anyway, I was reading an interesting article about the popularity of Facebook dropping and that the teenagers are moving in droves to SnapChat. Interesting.

I guess that means tonight I will be setting up an account with SnapChat. Even though I don’t write young adult or even new adult, several of my characters are in their twenties. (Lately, they’re even turning up older, like in their thirties. *gasp*)  But I need to keep up with where the crowd is or moving to. All part of being with the readers. They will grow up and want to read more adult fare.

It’s going to drive my kids crazy.  LOL!   “Hello, sweethearts, Mom’s here!”

Top Sex Mistakes by Women


I came across this article and thought it had a lot of common sense points in it. Plus they had a few links to books. Love articles that do that (when the books are written by different people and not an info-commercial for one how-to author).

You’re probably wondering why I read articles like that. It’s all part of research, baby!  If my characters make mistakes, I want them to realize it quickly. HA!

And the title of this post makes me laugh. Think about it.

Just a Few Years Ago . . . HA!



When I was a young teenager, my mom arranged for a friend of mine’s dad to take me to school each morning, and in turn, she picked us up in the afternoon. It was a win-win for me. I got to see my friend in the mornings and afternoons, and I liked her dad. He would tease us and call us boys. And though he wouldn’t let us talk and would fuss if I wasn’t walking out the door when he drove up, he listened to Paul Harvey on the drive. Mr. Harvey was a news commentator, and I found his voice and the bit of information he provided to be interesting. (Click here to listen to him.)

What made me think about my childhood friend’s dad? Some people at work were talking about their adventures from riding on the bus to and from school. Mom didn’t like the bus and besides our house was a block before the first stop. So that’s how I ended up riding in the car with my friend’s dad.

The funny part of it is, I never thought of how other people would view me getting out of a county sheriff’s car in front of the high school. LOL! Yep. He was a sheriff deputy. I guess I just assumed they knew it was my friend’s dad’s car. Maybe not. That could account for why I never had problems with anyone picking on me.

Carla Swafford . . . Good day!

Yakety Yak!

MM900309746Does being a ‘talker’ make an author a better writer?  My personal opinion is no.

Being a talker (as in a person who talks to talk) for most of my life, I wasted a lot of words to get to a point. Sure an author needs to be able to expand and describe scenes, people, clothes, etc., all in effort to give a book more color. But I’ve found people who can say so much in so few words to be freaking geniuses.

Maybe that’s why I’ve become quieter.   😉

New Year’s Plans

MC900444923If you’re like me, you rarely make New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year. Usually, I find myself deciding in the middle of a year what to do the next year. I’m a firm planner-ahead person. Funny, considering I’m a pantser (write by the seat of my pants) writer.

This year I decided not to go to any conferences in 2014. This will be only the second time in ten years I haven’t been to a conference (National and/or regional). The last time was the year I received The Call (2011). That year all of my funds went to an entire Family Vacation. We try to do that every other year. This coming year though is a milestone for hubby and I. Our fortieth wedding anniversary and we plan to go on a train ride through parts of Alaska. Can’t wait!

Another plan is to self-publish three novellas that will continue The Circle series. Of course, I have other plans, but if you’re like me, there are a few we keep to ourselves. You know, to keep from having egg on our face if the plans fall through. I don’t know about you, but I rather eat eggs than wear them.

Oh, I will be at Heart of Dixie’s Romance Readers Luncheon and possibly at Southern Magic’s. But those are local and don’t cost me as much, though I will say I spend a lot of money on the basket I give away. For details about the luncheons, go to their websites: and


Woman Reading a DiaryLove that word along with bamboozled, hoodwinked, charlatan, flummox and so many more. All words you don’t hear people say anymore. You’re more apt to read it in a historical novel. I wonder what words we say now that will be quaint fifty to hundred years from now?

Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. I’m baffled by the popularity of a certain series of books — and no, it’s not Fifty Shades of Grey — and I won’t give the titles as I never say negative things about other authors’ books. Well, not on line and rarely verbally. I chalk up the success of the books due to the world having a wide range of readers. As there are people who love my books and others who do not, and I’m happy to say the loves way out number all of the others. Thank goodness!


When it comes to my reading taste, as I mentioned here before, I vary from inspirational to paranormal to erotica (BDSM) to historical to contemporary romance. Preferable that all have the word romance in the genre.

I guess only half the time do I follow the crowd in reading the popular book or series. When Harry Potter came out, I had no interest in reading the books and only watched the first movie. Not my thing. No matter how beautifully they’re written. Same with Charlene Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series. They just didn’t interest me. Nothing against the books or authors . . . *shrug*

Though I did/do read Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series. And I read Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander and Fever series. All of Kresley Cole’s series including the new one she started (and I can’t wait for #2), The Dacians. Anne Stuart’s Ice series (wish there were more of those).

I can’t go in details about why I’m baffled without giving away the series, but I will say the decisions the female lead made irritated the crap out of me. I kept saying, “Dumb, dumb, dumb.”  Each to their own.


MP900387516 I love writing stories about misconceptions. You know where the hero appears to be a bad guy (and may be one) and he has a problem trusting that there are good people in the world. So cynical. And the woman is good, but people say ugly things about her and how her family is trash, so she has to be trouble too, right? Love it! Even reversed.

We all know in the real life nothing is as it appears. That’s why people fight and argue and are ugly to each other. We can only judge others by our own experiences. If our past involves having people betray or berate us, we expect it from everyone. Our insecurities can be a booger.

As most writers know, editors care little for conflict that could be solved by a simple conversation. I’m sure there are some stories written where the hero and heroine trust and love each other enough for that to happen pretty quickly. You know, talk and believe each other.   

Oh, no, not my characters. I love seeing my couple suffer as they learn to trust. And trust isn’t a stable emotion. In the beginning it doesn’t take much to blow all their hard work to hell and back. If you don’t trust yourself (Should you really believe in this man or woman? You’ve been hurt or seen others hurt over and over again.), how can you believe they won’t betray you? Again?

Bride and groom kissing.

The gradual move from distrust to believing what they say keeps me reading the book. And of course, the sexual tension keeps me turning the pages too.

Yes, love can conquer all ― that’s why I write romances ― but true love takes time and the length of one book usually does it.

Woo-hoo! Here I Am!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about that episode in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV) where a girl has been ignored by everyone especially her classmates to the point she disappeared. That’s how I feel recently. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve waved my hand (almost figuratively) and been looked over.

As a writer, I do lots of positive things for attention, hoping that people will remember my name and maybe, just maybe, buy my books. I won’t go into details because it’s really so silly.

Okay. Pity party over. (No need to slap me.)

Writing A Real Book

Deadly MenThe other day people were commenting (loop or Facebook) of how people they know and some strangers would come up to them and ask when they plan to write a real book. Or ask, why do they write filth?

Really?   0~o  Huh?

My books are real and have three-dimensional characters. Besides, why is good sex filthy? Well, if you do it in a mud puddle because you couldn’t wait to get somewhere more convenient, you would end up dirty. Good for you!

I’ve never had anyone to ask me those questions. Truthfully, I’m not a scary person but I’m known for being blunt. But even I respect people’s choices in what they write or the job they hold. There are times I’m speechless when people are rude.

If a person had the guts to ask me, I believe I would laugh in their face.


Here Let Me Help You

mad womanI can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a review (not mine) and become frustrated when an angry reviewer gives a novella one star because “It was too short.” You’re reading and that’s important. Obviously, you want to learn. So be sure to watch for certain words before you click on that FREE, $0.99 or $1.99 specials.

Short Story: That means exactly what it says. It’s a story that’s short. Probably around 50 pages or less.

Novella: tells us, “A fictional prose narrative that is longer and more complex than a short story; a short novel.” I would say anything 51 pages to around 200 pages.

Part 1 (or 2 or 3, etc.):  That book will be short. Can’t guess at the size as it varies and is up to the author (or publisher) of how many pages they want to make each part. But it’s like watching a 30 minute TV series that continues next week. You will only get PART of the story.

Okay, this is what you need to look at closely if you’re not sure.

For example, on Amazon they now tell you how many pages under Product Details. No guessing.

At Barnes and Noble, they don’t give you the number but if you see a File Size of around 126 KB under Product Details, chances are it’s short. If you’re still unsure, look at the reviews. Yes. People will complain about the length. Thus why I’m writing this post.

happy woman

I checked Kobo and they don’t show pages or file size, but let’s use some common sense. Chances are if it is $0.99 and has the word(s) Novella, Short Story or Part 1, it will not be a full novel.

Now I’m not saying all $1.99 or lower price books are short stories.  My books have been $1.99 and $0.99 before and they are full pledged novels, and I’ve grabbed up some great books for those prices myself. You just need to stop and read a little bit if this sort of thing pisses you off.

Authors love happy readers.

Worth Repeating

Postcard three books1A few months ago, I mentioned on Facebook five ways to say thank you to the authors that write the books you love.  I thought it worth repeating here.

5) Purchase the book new from a reputable bookseller.
4) Be sure to hit LIKE and rate it wherever it’s sold on line (see #5).
3) Sign up for the author’s newsletter (if she has one). Publishers love knowing the author has fans interested enough in her early/special announcements.
2) Become a fan: Follow, tweet, and LIKE and comment occasionally. (Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and her blog.) We love hearing from you.

Then we can thank you in return by writing MORE BOOKS!

What Do You Know About History?

Just some of my research books.

Just some of my research books.

I love historical romances. Especially those set in the Middle Ages and the U.S. West in the 1800s. In fact, my first completed manuscript was set during the medieval times. And I have another one that has done well in contests (unpublished and uncompleted).

Recently, I wrote the first couple chapters of a western. Just trying my hand at it and I placed it in a contest that allow published authors to enter categories they are not published in. The scores were good. The comments were interesting.

IMG_0070.JPG (2)

Just a few more research books.

The main complaint I have is when a judge makes a comment about the morals of that time that are so narrow and uninformed, and most likely taken from movies about the period, I just shake my head. Not all women were treated like ladies and not all men treated them as gentlemen. If a woman who appeared to be a prostitute knocked on his door, I can promise she would never be allowed anywhere near his family.

History is a funny thing. People love to think back “in the good ol’ days” that everyone treated everyone fairly. They forget it wasn’t until the 20th century that women even had the right to vote. In the 1800s, women were considered second class citizens and treated almost like children.

The majority of women at the time had the choice of being a wife or, if they didn’t have family that could afford to take care of them, a prostitute.

Anyway, people really need to remember that the 1800s and earlier had harsher and tighter morals. Sure all kinds of naughty things went on, but they tried to keep it separated from their family life.

Sigh. This could be debated and picked apart forever. Let’s say this is my opinion and leave it at that.

Books Spoil Watching Television

bruceI’ve noticed I’ve become picky about watching television. Partly, of course, because I rather be writing. Feels more productive some days. But mostly because television shows usually disappoint me. If they have romance in them at all, they drag it out, making the sexual tension so frustrating, I get to the point I scream at the TV, “Get on with it!” E.g. Elementary and Unforgettable – love those shows but so frustrating.

Comparing TV series to books is unfair in a way. But let’s compare TV series to a book series such as Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress with Cat and Bones. Two vampires who try to keep the supernatural world in order. The hero and heroine hooked up in the first book (after some interesting love/hate situations) and then they sorta broke up before book two but got back together. So I believe if the story is good enough, having the two main characters having sex and enjoying each other, doesn’t dilute the telling.

Some TV executives still believe the old Moonlighting series failed in its fourth season because the two main characters had sex in season three. (Click here to read more about that.) I disagree and obviously whoever wrote the info in Wikipedia agreed with me. Hey, Bruce was making Die Hard during season three. He was about to be a big time action star. Sigh. Love that man.

Anyway, I believe the main characters can have sex, great sex for that matter, and still be interesting because as we all know sex doesn’t solve all problems. And if you’re like me, when I’m pissed at my hubby, sex is the last thing on my mind. Yeah, I heard angry sex is great, but I’m not wired that way. My characters in my books (CIRCLE OF DESIRE) may be that way, but not me!

So what is my point? Let the people have sex and then complicate it. It will make it more interesting.

Watching The Chronicles of Riddick AGAIN

I have The Chronicles of RIddick on DVD, but if I see it come on a TV station, I can’t resist. Love that movie. Two hunks I love to watch move, hear them talk, and see them kick ass. Vin Diesel and Karl Urban. But I have to say Karl is my favorite in the movie. Something about armor and that dangerous hair cut. What can I say? I have a kinky side. Like you didn’t know.  Ha!


Love those glowing eyes. Scary sexy.


Warrior new age.


Lucky girl. You know she was taking advantage.


All cleaned up and sexy.

TBR Should Be TFB

That is Tragically Forgotten Books.  I’ve wondered how many To Be Read MM900046560piles out there have my books waiting for the owner to pick up and read.

For myself, I have over thirty . . . I think. Truthfully, I haven’t counted them, and I would probably be horrified by the number. A few months ago, I went through my pile and pulled every book that didn’t set me on fire to read it. Then I dropped them off at my day job, and let everyone pick out the books they wanted to place in their TBR pile.

Otherwise, I would be staring at the books and feeling guilty. I know the authors are hoping by giving away their books that they would get a new fan or two. If I let the books sit and not read them or give them away, I’m preventing that author from becoming successful. I know. No guarantee, but it’s a given it won’t happen at all if I don’t do something.

This year, I’m determined to read a TBR book between each one I purchase. So I’ve gone through five or so. That’s not many for the year to be almost over, but whenever I’m at home with extra time, I write. Reading is what I do when I’m burned out from writing and need a change.

The moral to this story is, if you have a large TBR pile, and some are more than a year old, it’s time to pass them on. Those authors will appreciate it.

What’s That On Your Ears?

earringsToday, I’m wearing my special earrings.  So many people comment on them, but I really bought them because I write romantic suspense. Of course, other people think I must write something else entirely. Well, there was a little bondage in CIRCLE OF DESIRE.

But I am picking up Lexi Blake at the airport today for a special function my writers group is putting on tomorrow. I thought it would be a nice touch to make her feel at home.  LOL!

By the way, you can purchase your own pair at That’s where you can pick up some fun unusual jewelry and shoes. No. I don’t get a kick back. Just thought you would like to know.

Let’s Talk About Sex

What? Are you feeling uncomfortable? Worried about what an erotic romantic suspense author is about to say?

If you said yes, then you need to click elsewhere. I’m rather blunt about it as I truthfully and freely admit, I love sex. To me, all aspects of sex is a way to celebrate life. It makes my hubby happy, and it makes me happy.

Some of the best things about the modern age are birth control pills, condoms, vasectomies and tubectomies (tied tubes). The last two (done correctly) frees up the adults 100% to have sex without fear of pregnancies. Of course, there is the problem of STDs, but that’s why romances are so wonderful. They’re usually two people who are committed to each other and they don’t mind getting a test done to prove they’re okay.

Ha!  Sure there are those erotic romances with multiple partners, but you will notice that once they have their certain someone (in most of the ones I’ve read, the female), they keep the circle small. Well, as small as the author wants the romance circle to be in the story.

I’m always surprised when someone gets uptight about my reading material or song choices. Yes. I love what people call naughty songs, such as Rude Boy, Sex on Fire, Animals (and several others from Nickelback) and many more.

Don’t get me wrong. I can talk all day long to customers, family, associates and never bring up the subject of sex or refer to a naughty thought. There’s a time/place.

In this case, this is my blog and I do write what I consider hot romance. Not erotica (love to read it, but don’t write it). So I felt I need to warn you these subjects will come up. This blog is usually PG-13, and doesn’t need the extra permission. I know how to phrase things. 😉

Then again, if you come back to visit me and the extra button (confirming your age) pops up, then you know I decided to be even more blunt. If that happens, Katie bar the door as you’ll be blushing for sure when you read my blog.

You’ve been warned.

A Little Bit Retro

I thought I would let you see a couple more pictures from my wedding day. Plus one from when I was in high school. Just a photo booth one, but I like it because you can tell I was having so much fun. Considering I hate having my picture taken (unless you’re five years old, who really does?), this is one of the few pictures I have where I really look happy about it.  To think of it, the Avon party had a photo booth and I had fun there too. Must be a photo booth thing.  LOL!


I believe I was seventeen in this picture


My dad was 42 in this picture. Look at those long sideburns. They were the thing at the time. Ha!


The ladies are starting from the left, Margaret, Ninfa, Pat, me, Janet. Wow! We’re all young.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy (day before) anniversary to me and my hubby! Since I don’t plan to post on the weekend, I decided instead to celebrate here today. As you can tell, it has been a long time. I will say there has been more good years than bad ones, and I’ve decided to keep him. Be sure to wish me many more. And yes, we were kids, 18 and 19. Young and stupid but smart enough to know the real thing. Yes, I write romances. HA!


Surprise! I Love Men

MH900442424One of the advantages of working at my day job is that I work with a lot of men. Those in my office and customers over the phone. I enjoy listening to the way they talk. I usually sit back, watch and listen to them. They’re so easy to get along with. When I was in high school, I always had as many boys who were friends as girls.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t understand them completely, but men are 90 percent of the reason I love to read and write romances. They claim they are simple creatures, give them sex and food and they’re happy. If only that was so simple, right? That would be like saying give women emotional support and shoes and they’re happy. NOT! 

And it’s amazing how guys think if a woman is nice to them, the woman must be coming on to them. Silly boy, all of my lovers, save one (hubby), are in books (and those have my hubby’s face).

Anyway, to me, writing romances allow me to celebrate those differences that make them so interesting. Thank you, God, for making them different from women in all ways but one. Love. They can love just as hard and deep as any woman.

Hello Audio!


I love listening to books in my car. One of many benefits is that I slow down so I can listen to more of the story. Less chance of getting a speeding ticket that way. Less irritation with the traffic too.

Oh, you’re wondering what book I’m listening to? BEAUTIFUL STRANGER by Christina Lauren. I’m enjoying the heck out of it. Nicely sexy.

Coming August 1, 2013

From January to July of this year, I’ve concentrated on posting on Facebook and Twitter. It just isn’t making me happy. Too many fly by night comments from people who have no interest in my books. So I decided to come back to my blog.

So be on the lookout for random posts here starting August 1, 2013. I feel as if I’m free.

See you then.

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