Atlanta Edge Hockey series

Female legs and revolver

An Atlanta Edge Hockey Romance Novel

*Two strangers wake up in the same bed after partying in Las Vegas to discover they are married.

Connor Ellison, one of Atlanta Edge’s best wingers and biggest prankster, is given an ultimatum by the coaches and the PR department. He must stay married until the end of the run for the Cup or be available for trade.

Lily Jones wants nothing to do with the insane demand. But he convinces her the best decision is to play along. If they remain married and pretend to be in love, he offers to save her family’s ice rink from bankruptcy. Anyway, it’s only until the end of the hockey season. Then they can go their separate ways.

Easy-peasy. No way will they go to the finals. No way will they truly fall in love.

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“I am a huge hockey romance fan and I am happy to say that Fake Play was one of my favorites that I’ve read. ” Reviewer on Barnes and Noble

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Female legs and revolver

*Atlanta Edge’s hottest Russian hockey star made a big mistake. Now he must find a way to apologize big time to the girl he left behind in the States.

I’ve been a puck bunny most of my life. So when Roman Volkov, up and coming hockey star with the Atlanta Edge, takes me home and treats me like a queen, I believe I’ve found the man I can love. Then one morning, I wake to the news that Roman has left me behind while he plays in Russia. His agent takes pleasure in kicking me out of Roman’s house. I don’t believe anything the sleazy man says. Roman is good to me. No way will he treat me like this. So I go in search for the truth and I discover so much more.

I’m suffocating on the third line when the season ends. So when I get a call from Russia in the middle of the night to participate in a high-profile tournament, I go for it. I’m certain a gold medal will launch me into the top line with my team back in the States. No sooner than I arrive, I call Kitty Summerville to explain why I left without waking her. She’s not answering. Has my ambition destroyed any chance of a future with her? When I return, my sexy kitten and I will have a long conversation.

Only, I want to know why is she living with my Coach, and his wife and family?

**Be aware the book has one scene of unconventional lovemaking.**

“This is a really cute story.” Reviewer on BookBub

“Carla Swafford did a great job with the plot. It was clever how things played out. The story was thought-provoking and heartfelt.” Reviewer on BookBub

“This was really sugar sweet with some low grade angst. Satisfying HEA.” Reviewer on Goodreads

“I really enjoyed this book and will be looking for more books from Carla!” Reviewer on Goodreads

“It is exciting, emotional, dramatic, surprising and so much more.” Reviewer on Goodreads



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