Southern Crime Family series

A Southern Crime Family Novel

Female legs and revolver

*Forget the Hatfields and McCoys, in a small Southern town, the Whitfields and Tallys are the real family feud.

So for some unholy reason, Jake Whitfield’s old man and Angel Tally’s grandfather wrote codicils to their wills the night before they died in a suspicious fire. The codicils require Jake and Angel to marry or lose their inheritances.

Jake feels like a man with two faces. One he presents to his brothers and the public: the criminal willing to step on anyone for a buck while mercilessly protecting the business. The other: the lonely man wanting a better life for himself and his family and working with an FBI agent to make it happen.

To Jake, marrying Angel makes sense. With her family’s help, he can fight the new criminal organization that’s moving into his town. Immersed in the criminal world, there is no hope for Angel, but her brother is still young. She will do anything to protect him from that way of life and whoever killed their grandfather, even marry a despised Whitfield. And Angel never forgot about the sexy incident with Jake in high school ten years earlier.And if she has to go along with a Whitfield-Tally marriage, she wants a replay.

**HOT ROMANCE with consensual spankings**

 “A great story that has some amazing characters and an exciting plot.” Reviewer on Goodreads.

“I love this book, it has it all – romance, suspense, crime, betrayal, murder. ” Reviewer on Goodreads.

“I loved this second chance romance mixed within a family feud.” Reviewer on Goodreads.

“it was so enjoyable to see them move toward their forever. (Can we have books for Jake’s brothers?)” Reviewer on Amazon

I was instantly addicted to the main characters, Jake and Angel (Sally) who are the children involved in a modern day Hatfield’s and McCoy feud.” Reviewer on Amazon

“This book is full of steam, crime and dramatics. You will not be disappointed. It pulled me right in and kept me with no problem. My only complaint is I want more!!” Reviewer on Barnes and Noble



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The other brothers’ stories are coming in 2022.