They Kissed as He . . .

The last few years I’ve seen a trend for the hero to be six foot five and taller. Yes, I know that my hero, Rex, whose story is in CIRCLE OF DECEPTION, is six foot five and even a secondary character, Liam, is six foot six. But for me those are exceptions in my manuscripts. I usually keep my fellows anywhere from five-eleven to six-two, and still that’s above average for the American male.

Anyway, with this tall man trend going on, I’ve read love scenes where the man would have to be a contortionist to preform sexually as the heroines remain shorter than average (5′ 5″) in most of the stories.

Think of it this way, the hero is thrusting (I’m trying to keep this PG-13) and he decides to suck on something taut in the female chest area. There’s some adjustment that’s needs to be done. I’m not saying he can’t do it, but let’s say his thrusting slows because his center must shift quite a bit as he bends like a paperclip.

Then there is the sweet cuddling scene. They can be in bed or standing next to each other. The heroine is five-three and she snuggles her face into the hero’s neck. Is she standing on a box?  If he’s six-five, her nose should be buried in his chest hair. Of course, he could bend down or he could lift her, but I rarely read anything like that.

Oh, oh, and when she feels his hardness (you know what hardness I’m talking about) against her hip/pelvis as they dance or hug . . . LOL! Is he stooping?

Here are some celebrity couples and their heights.  This will help you figure it out. I have a feeling that some of the couples have to get inventive in bed (and out).

And don’t get me started on how a six-seven man can hide or steal just anyone’s car. Seats in the average car will not accommodate those legs, no matter how far back the seat is pushed back. That’s why most tall men drive trucks or over-sized vehicles (e.g., Hummers).

I also drew stick figures (6’5 vs 5’4″) to give you an idea of the differences. Be sure to remember, I’m an author, not an artist.

IMG_0075So I suggest you keep your fellow average height. You can always make your heroine shorter if he has to tower over her. Then I sometimes wonder about guys who . . . no, I’m not going there. I might start a fight then or hurt someone’s feelings.