The Contest Continues for the iPad Mini

New Jack Drago adIf you haven’t caught the news here or on Facebook, I’ve decided to give more people time to read CIRCLE OF DEFIANCE (novella – in other words, short story) and answer the questions for a chance to win the iPad Mini. The contest has been extended to June 30. If you’ve already read it, click here and answer the questions. They give you three possible answers. They’re not easy, and a couple are trick questions. BUT, if you read the book, you won’t have a problem.

CIRCLE OF DEFIANCE is only $2.99.  And during the contest, I’ve made CIRCLE OF DISHONOR free during this time. So double bonus!

Here’s a little tidbit from CIRCLE OF DEFIANCE. (No answers given away.)

He lightly squeezed the woman in his arms. Who was he kidding? He was up shit creek without a paddle when Kat learned the truth. So, he’d keep her safe and when it was over, leave. Same old, same old. Chances were she wouldn’t want anything to do with him when she found out he still worked for The Circle, and they had set her up.

[June 30, 2015: Congratulations to Jenn Williams. She was one of the few to answer all the questions correctly. The iPad Mini will be mailed this week!  Please keep reading!  Thanks! Carla]

What’s That On Your Ears?

earringsToday, I’m wearing my special earrings.  So many people comment on them, but I really bought them because I write romantic suspense. Of course, other people think I must write something else entirely. Well, there was a little bondage in CIRCLE OF DESIRE.

But I am picking up Lexi Blake at the airport today for a special function my writers group is putting on tomorrow. I thought it would be a nice touch to make her feel at home.  LOL!

By the way, you can purchase your own pair at That’s where you can pick up some fun unusual jewelry and shoes. No. I don’t get a kick back. Just thought you would like to know.

Gmail Tidbit

Angry, Frustrated WomanIn my day job, we use Gmail for our email correspondence. So it stands to reason that I know a tiny more than casual users. One thing I’ve seen a lot of Gmail users ignore, and probably don’t even know they can fix, is their signatures*. They turn up at the bottom of each email they answer. Not below their answer, but below the original email, the one they didn’t even send.

If you prefer your signature to show up in the correct place in your emails, do this.

Click on the GEAR at the top right side of the screen in Gmail.

It should show your GENERAL settings, starting with the Language section. If not, click on GENERAL.

Scroll down to “Signatures.” Look beneath the big box with your signature. Click on the small box next to the sentence that reads “Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “–” line that precedes it.”

[Updated: be sure to click on SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page when you’re through.]

That should do it. Open an email you’ve received from a friend, and you’ll see it shows up at the top. Now you can type directly above your signature. The correct way.

Hope that helps make your emails look more professional.

*For example, this is my email signature.
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