Happy July the 4th! Independence Day!

I love reading about history, and when it came to romances, I use to read mostly Medieval and Western romances.  Since most historical romances nowadays are set in the Regency Period, I find myself reading romantic comedies and occasionally paranormal romances.  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s strange that I rarely read romantic suspense. It’s because I’m not much for reading about serial killers or police procedural types and those appear to be the favorites published.  This is also the reason I write the type of RS I prefer. Strong men and women trying to make the world a better place on their own terms.

Anyway, I got off track from what I was going to tell you. On the Romance Magician’s blog, I’ve posted a series of ‘history tidbits’ that I use to publish in my writers’ group’s newsletter.  Check this out.  You might find them interesting.

Don’t eat too many hot dogs today!