TBR Should Be TFB

That is Tragically Forgotten Books.  I’ve wondered how many To Be Read MM900046560piles out there have my books waiting for the owner to pick up and read.

For myself, I have over thirty . . . I think. Truthfully, I haven’t counted them, and I would probably be horrified by the number. A few months ago, I went through my pile and pulled every book that didn’t set me on fire to read it. Then I dropped them off at my day job, and let everyone pick out the books they wanted to place in their TBR pile.

Otherwise, I would be staring at the books and feeling guilty. I know the authors are hoping by giving away their books that they would get a new fan or two. If I let the books sit and not read them or give them away, I’m preventing that author from becoming successful. I know. No guarantee, but it’s a given it won’t happen at all if I don’t do something.

This year, I’m determined to read a TBR book between each one I purchase. So I’ve gone through five or so. That’s not many for the year to be almost over, but whenever I’m at home with extra time, I write. Reading is what I do when I’m burned out from writing and need a change.

The moral to this story is, if you have a large TBR pile, and some are more than a year old, it’s time to pass them on. Those authors will appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “TBR Should Be TFB

  1. Yes it would be tragic if people aren’t reading your books! Although I’ll admit that even though I bought all three of your books on Kindle in January, it probably wasn’t until March-April when I read them. I pretty much gorged on them and I’m very hungry for more! So yeah, hurry up with that! 😉

    I have TBR shelf. And then let’s not talk about what I have on my kindle that I have yet to read. And then there’s the keeper shelves that I really do need to whittle down. I was telling a friend the other day that while I know there are some books that I will keep reading over and over again–like Julie Garwood’s or Elizabeth Lowell’s historicals or Sherrilyn’s–many of them I won’t. Don’t have the time. And yet it pains me to think about getting rid of them. Yes, I know other readers would appreciate them. *sigh* I find it very difficult to part with my books.


    1. I’m the same way with my old favorites until finally I decided, if I’m not willing to re-read it, it needed to go. So I boxed up 90% of my books and they’ve been in my garage for several years. They’re probably dried up and need to be burned. Others I’ve gotten in the meanwhile, I’ve given away. A few I regret for one reason or another, but overall for the best. It’s hard.

      You’re such a sweetie to say that about my books. Hugs.


      1. Hugs! Well it’s true!

        Yes I’d say about 90% will have to go before I move. I’m hoping to sell them on ebay or the like. It’s just trying to get them organized. While my guy want’s to convert one of the rooms into a library (yay!), I don’t think he realizes just how many books I have! Though what he wants to do will give us lots of shelf space–perfect for all the new books we will buy! *grin*


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