Books Spoil Watching Television

bruceI’ve noticed I’ve become picky about watching television. Partly, of course, because I rather be writing. Feels more productive some days. But mostly because television shows usually disappoint me. If they have romance in them at all, they drag it out, making the sexual tension so frustrating, I get to the point I scream at the TV, “Get on with it!” E.g. Elementary and Unforgettable – love those shows but so frustrating.

Comparing TV series to books is unfair in a way. But let’s compare TV series to a book series such as Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress with Cat and Bones. Two vampires who try to keep the supernatural world in order. The hero and heroine hooked up in the first book (after some interesting love/hate situations) and then they sorta broke up before book two but got back together. So I believe if the story is good enough, having the two main characters having sex and enjoying each other, doesn’t dilute the telling.

Some TV executives still believe the old Moonlighting series failed in its fourth season because the two main characters had sex in season three. (Click here to read more about that.) I disagree and obviously whoever wrote the info in Wikipedia agreed with me. Hey, Bruce was making Die Hard during season three. He was about to be a big time action star. Sigh. Love that man.

Anyway, I believe the main characters can have sex, great sex for that matter, and still be interesting because as we all know sex doesn’t solve all problems. And if you’re like me, when I’m pissed at my hubby, sex is the last thing on my mind. Yeah, I heard angry sex is great, but I’m not wired that way. My characters in my books (CIRCLE OF DESIRE) may be that way, but not me!

So what is my point? Let the people have sex and then complicate it. It will make it more interesting.