Change Is Good?

MM900043729How often are we told that change is good? If you work in the nine to five world, you’ve heard it so often enough you want to scream. Especially when they decide to change for change sake, right?

Anyway, I was reading an interesting article about the popularity of Facebook dropping and that the teenagers are moving in droves to SnapChat. Interesting.

I guess that means tonight I will be setting up an account with SnapChat. Even though I don’t write young adult or even new adult, several of my characters are in their twenties. (Lately, they’re even turning up older, like in their thirties. *gasp*)  But I need to keep up with where the crowd is or moving to. All part of being with the readers. They will grow up and want to read more adult fare.

It’s going to drive my kids crazy.  LOL!   “Hello, sweethearts, Mom’s here!”