Does It Work?

I just finished reading an interesting article (not on line, sorry) about what authors should do in marketing their books. *sigh* It wore me out. So many things that has nothing to do with true writing. There’s no way I’ll do all that. I just want to write.

The most marketing I plan to do is 1) post on occasion here or a friend’s site, 2) tag this post to Facebook and Twitter, and 3) write, write and write.

Who knows. I may never get famous that way, but if my books are good enough to stir up excitement, they’ll do it on their own. My goal is to keep writing and improving each book that I publish (myself or by a publisher).

Okay. Enough said. Time to get back to writing. Time to cause mayhem and chaos in the romantic suspense (action/adventure) world. Someone must DIE!

2 thoughts on “Does It Work?

  1. Hi Carla.
    I’ve learned quite a bit when reading articles that my marketing professors have me pull together for their students and when I worked for the director for external affairs. What you do is “market” Carla Swafford. How much, as you noted, it up to you. And, of course, how you do it. And, you are on the right track.


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