Updating My Brand

I’ve decided to update my brand just a little. From Hot Romantic Suspense to Action  * Adventure Romantic Suspense. Simple and sweet, heh? Sure my books are still hot, but I believe the covers normally give readers that idea anyway. But I wanted people to understand my books are not about serial killers or slow paced suspense. Nothing really wrong with them, just not my cup of tea.

Logo Plain revised1

As mentioned numerous times, they’re along the lines of Nikita and James Bond. My books are normally fast paced with lots of car chase scenes and lots of sex. They’re for adults who are not afraid of being themselves or fantasying about having more fun and being daring. You’ll get my drift after you read one.

Anyway, I’ve ordered some more book bags and changed up my logo a little. What do you think?

By the way, this is my 100th post for this blog. I’m keeping my promise to myself by not posting all the time, and so far it averages out to around twice a week. Not bad. I’m sure you have plenty more blogs to read than mine and most are waaay more interesting.  HA!

2 thoughts on “Updating My Brand

  1. Hi Carla.
    I like how you have updated your brand and I always enjoy reading your blog posts whether on Facebook or your blog.


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