Writing A Real Book

Deadly MenThe other day people were commenting (loop or Facebook) of how people they know and some strangers would come up to them and ask when they plan to write a real book. Or ask, why do they write filth?

Really?   0~o  Huh?

My books are real and have three-dimensional characters. Besides, why is good sex filthy? Well, if you do it in a mud puddle because you couldn’t wait to get somewhere more convenient, you would end up dirty. Good for you!

I’ve never had anyone to ask me those questions. Truthfully, I’m not a scary person but I’m known for being blunt. But even I respect people’s choices in what they write or the job they hold. There are times I’m speechless when people are rude.

If a person had the guts to ask me, I believe I would laugh in their face.