Eight Answers to Crazy Car Questions

Here are some answers to the crazy questions people have asked me over the years about cars and driving. 

1) If your garage or carport is filled with junk and you park your car in the weather and never wax it, yes, your paint job will fade away and show the metal underneath.

2) If your car is filled with every empty fast food bag and carton known to man along with the dirty diaper you tossed in the backseat, yes, people will know your house looks the same.

3) If a car coming toward you flashes its lights, it’s warning you of a wreck ahead or a cop ahead or both, or if a car flashes its lights behind you, it’s telling it’s okay to pull in front of them (most likely you have your blinker on  — a few of them do work in automobiles).

4) Yes, if the Interstate is I-65 North, the same interstate goes South and is called I-65 South. That’s the other side of the road going the opposite way.

5) Yes, you need to keep up with the mileage, so you know when to get your oil changed. Yes, it is important. Same for tire rotation.

6) Don’t push your window up to test your electric windows to see if they’re really close. Bring it down and then press up. Otherwise, if you keep testing it while up, the motor will burn out, and you’ll be getting your bacon, egg and cheese biscuit by opening the driver’s door.

7) Yes, when you squeal your tires (older model cars or customized ones can still do it), you leave rubber on the road and that means your tires will wear out faster. A woman I knew would say each time she heard it, “Music to my ears.”  Her husband owned a tire company.

8) Big trucks cannot see you if you pull over in front of them. Really. So make sure you can see the driver’s face in the rearview mirror when you pull over. If you can see the driver, he/she can see you. If all you see is grille, then they can’t. And they can’t stop as fast as you can, empty or full.

I’m sure I’ll think of more later.

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